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Isagenix International is a leading developer and manufacturer of nutritional products to address toxins, improve body composition and slow the aging process. Isagenix distributes through an independent network of associates in North America and around the world.



In 2004, Isagenix identified the Canadian market as a major growth opportunity for its line of nutritional products. In keeping with its independent network business model, Isagenix needed an outsourced distribution partner experienced with consumer order fulfillment in Canada.

Isagenix sought a Canadian distributor that could support a nationwide network of sales associates and was capable of handling Health Canada licensed products for resale. Key for Isagenix was finding a provider able to integrate its warehouse
 management system with Isagenix’ order processing system to provide accurate inventory, order completion and cost per order information.


Direct launched Isagenix’ Canadian order fulfillment from Calgary in 2005 with a seamless transition that met all service level requirements. Since that time, Direct has scaled to support the ten-fold increase of Isagenix’ Canadian business and now provides order fulfillment from both Calgary and Toronto. As Isagenix has grown and added products to its line, Direct has expanded its value added services to Isagenix, including kitting and special event processing.

Direct has been able to reduce Isagenix’ order fulfillment times and distribution costs by utilizing its existing distribution centres in both Calgary and Toronto to place product in close proximately to the majority of Isagenix’ sales associates.

To ensure order accuracy and minimize out-of-stock situations, Direct has worked closely with Isagenix’ Logistics and IT to seamlessly integrate orders into the inventory system and provide order completion and bill of lading detail at the end of each day. Direct also provides cost per order data that is critical for Isagenix in managing its business.

Isagenix is shipped direct to you from local Toronto, Ontario Address

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